The plan for Spellbit was laid down in December 2012. This plan turned into a reality in 2013 when Spellbit started its operation as a freelancing agency.

Spellbit started its journey with a dynamic team of web developers and designers who have nurtured the organization from its inception till today with their passion, skills and years of experience. Their enthusiasm is the driving force behind Spellbit’s every success.

In 2015, Spellbit was registered as a limited company, which started a new era for the organization and the team.

The pace at which technology is evolving is rapid and the effect it has on our lives is immense. Spellbits limited emerged to keep you up to date with all the recent innovations in web development and e-commerce. The team comes from a diverse background with a mixture of complementing skills and experience that can better serve the requirements of the client. This is what makes us capable of understanding your need and cater to it better than anyone else.

Our culture focuses on continuous learning and improvement so that we can better cater to the demands of time and changing technology. We operate following a set of principles that keep us on track in providing superior service to you.

-Excellence and quality: We maintain our standard of excellence in every activity we carry out. We will never compromise on our ethics for any gain. By using the best people and the best tools and techniques we ensure the superior quality that you deserve.

-Honesty and transparency: We communicate our progress openly with our clients. We are transparent in all our business activity. We believe that only honest and transparent communication can build long-term partnership.

-Agility: There is no scope to be slow in this rapidly changing world. It is ingrained in our culture to learn and implement new technology fast and give quick and efficient service to our client.


Our mission

–> We provide superior web services at a competitive price to ensure that our customers always get their money’s worth.
–> By continuously innovating we want to provide our customer the best support for all their web, design, and online marketing needs.
–> We want to create a meaningful impact in our community by spreading our knowledge and skills to the next generation through our IT courses.
–> As an organization, we strive to create a positive change in the lives of our customer, partners and other stakeholders by using modern technology and conducting our business operation ethically.